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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2011Age-related differences in episodic memory retrieval : ERP evidence for differential developmental changes in item and source recognition memorySprondel, Volker
2015The aging episodic memory and factors which influence it : an electrophysiological investigationScheuplein, Anna-Lena
2017The contributions of sleep-related consolidation to emotional item and associative memory.Sopp, Marie Roxanne
2009Database of semantically associated and unassociated pairs of everyday objects for the study of memory in children : technical reportBecker, Martina; Kipp, Kerstin; Mecklinger, Axel
2011Development of declarative memory in preterm and full-term born children : evidence from neuropsychological tests, structural brain imaging, and event-related potentialsBrunnemann, Nicole
2009Dissociating systems and subprocesses in human declarative memoryJäger, Theodor
2012The impact of categorical and thematic relations on associative recognition memoryKriukova, Olga
2015Memory and metamemory of word-pair learning : an electrophysiological investigationBai, Cheng-Hua
2012Motivated learning influences strategic retrieval processing - an ERP and behavioral approachHalsband, Teresa Marie
2016Nap sleep benefits in recognition memory and their modulation by reward – evidence from behavioral and electrophysiological dataStudte, Sara
2005The neural bases of regularity learningDöller, Christian
2005Picture database of morphed faces (MoFa) : technical reportJäger, Theodor; Seiler, Kerstin H.; Mecklinger, Axel
2018Theta neurofeedback training and its transfer to cognitive and memory control processesEschmann, Kathrin Christine Johanna
2014Using unitization as encoding strategy in associative recognition memory : behavioral, fMRI, and ERP evidenceBader, Regine
2012Visual and auditory vocabulary acquisition in learning Chinese as a second language : the impact of modality-specific working memory trainingSchneiders, Julia A.