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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
20173D characterization of cubic boron nitride (CBN) composites used as tool material for high precision abrasive machining processesFang, Shiqi; Llanes, Luis; Bähre, Dirk, et al
20063D-Charakterisierung der Graphitmorphologie mit Hilfe der FIB-NanotomographieVelichko, Alexandra; Schladitz, Katja; Holzapfel, Christian, et al
20153D-FIB characterization of wear in WC-Co coated compositesGarcía, José; Carvalho Miranda, Thais; Pinto, Haroldo Cavalcanti, et al
2006Advanced design of periodical structures by laser interference metallurgy in the micro/nano scale on macroscopic areasLasagni, Andrés Fabián
2017Bone regeneration by tuning the drug release from the calcium phosphate scaffoldsKhurana, Kanupriya
2017Carbon Nanoparticle‐Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites: Microstructural Tailoring and Predictive ModelingReinert, Leander; Suarez, Sebastian; Müller, Thomas, et al
2015Controllable growth, microstructure and electronic structure of copper oxide thin filmsWang, Yong
2019Controlling friction by multi-scale surface patterning inside and outside the contact zoneGrützmacher, Philipp
2017Defect-engineered (Ti,Al)N thin filmsSchramm Benítez, Isabella Citlalli
2016Design and characterisation of Ni-matrix nanocomposite films reinforced with Ag-coated SnO2 nanowires for electrical contact applicationsMiguel, Federico Luis
2014Design of new protective systems based on the intermetallic compound RuAlGuitar, Maria Agustina
2013Design of steel surface and wetting properties by laser patterningRaillard, Brice
2014Development of carbon nanotube-reinforced nickel matrix composites: processing, microstructure and physical propertiesSuárez Vallejo, Sebastián
2017Diffusion kinetics and phase formation in Ag/Al and Ru/Al multilayer thin filmsAboulfadl, Hisham Ahmed Nabil
2016Direct Laser Interference Patterning: Tailoring of Contact Area for Frictional and Antibacterial PropertiesRosenkranz, Andreas; Hans, Michael; Gachot, Carsten, et al
2018Dry friction and wear of self-lubricating carbon-nanotube-containing surfacesReinert, Leander; Varenberg, Michael; Mücklich, Frank, et al
2018Effect of Carbon Partitioning, Carbide Precipitation, and Grain Size on Brittle Fracture of Ultra-High-Strength, Low-Carbon Steel after Welding by a Quenching and Partitioning ProcessForouzan, Farnoosh; Guitar, Maria Agustina; Vuorinen, Esa, et al
2019Effect of Pretreatment on Interface Stability and Morphology of Ni/Al Hybrid Foams by in situ Microcantilever Fracture ExperimentLuksch, Jutta; Jung, Anne; Pauly, Christoph, et al
2012Effects of microstructure modification induced by laser interference patterning of thin filmsCatrin, Rodolphe
2015Entstehung, Modifikation und Verminderung von Einschlüssen bei Si-beruhigten Stählen am Beispiel von WälzlagerstahlLadutkin, Dmitrij