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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
1998A bag of useful techniques for efficient and robust parsingKiefer, Bernd; Krieger, Hans-Ulrich
1995Classification and representation of types in TDLKrieger, Hans-Ulrich
1993Derivation without lexical rulesKrieger, Hans-Ulrich
1994DISCO - an HPSG-based NLP system and its application for appointment schedulingUszkoreit, Hans; Backofen, Rolf; Busemann, Stephan, et al
1995Distributed parsing with HPSG grammarsDiagne, Abdel Kader; Kasper, Walter; Krieger, Hans-Ulrich
1995Efficient parameterizable type expansion for typed feature formalismsKrieger, Hans-Ulrich; Schäfer, Ulrich
1993Feature-based allomorphyKrieger, Hans-Ulrich; Nerbonne, John; Pirker, Hannes
1991Feature-based inheritance networks for computational lexiconsKrieger, Hans-Ulrich; Nerbonne, John
2004From UBGs to CFGs A practical corpus-driven approachKrieger, Hans-Ulrich
1996From word hypotheses to logical form: an efficient interleaved approachKasper, Walter; Krieger, Hans-Ulrich; Spilker, Jörg, et al
1996Integration of prosodic and grammatical information in the analysis of dialogsKasper, Walter; Krieger, Hans-Ulrich
1996Modularizing codescriptive grammars for efficient parsingKasper, Walter; Krieger, Hans-Ulrich
1997Proceedings of the Fifth Meeting on Mathematics of Language : MOL5-
1993Report of the EAGLES Workshop on Implemented Formalisms at DFKI, Saarbrücken-
1994TDL : a type description language for HPSG. - Part 1: OverviewKrieger, Hans-Ulrich; Schäfer, Ulrich
1994TDL : a type description language for HPSG. - Part 2: user guideKrieger, Hans-Ulrich; Schäfer, Ulrich
1993TDL ExtraLight user's guideKrieger, Hans-Ulrich; Schäfer, Ulrich
1994Typed feature formalisms as a common basis for linguistic specificationKrieger, Hans-Ulrich
1995Typed feature structures, definite equivalences, greatest model semantics, and nonmonotonicityKrieger, Hans-Ulrich