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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
1997Comparative study of SnO2:Sb transparent conducting films produced by various coating and heat treatment techniquesAegerter, Michel A.; Reich, Axel; Ganz, Dietmar, et al
2003Entwicklung von photokatalytisch aktiven, selbstorganisierenden Schichten auf transparenten SubstratenAkarsu, Murat; Arpac, Ertugrul; Schmidt, Helmut K., et al
2006Influence of structure zone model parameters on the electrical properties of ZnO:Al sol-gel coatingsSchuler, Thomas; Krajewski, Thomas; Grobelsek, Ingrid, et al
2000Influence of the layer morphology on the electrical properties of sol-gel transparent conducting oxide coatingsGoebbert, Christian; Gasparro, Guido; Schuler, Thomas, et al
2004A microstructural zone model for the morphology of sol-gel coatingsSchuler, Thomas; Krajewski, Thomas; Grobelsek, Ingrid, et al
1998Microstructure and mechanical properties of slip cast sol-gel derived mullite ceramicsTkalcec, Emilija; Nass, Rüdiger; Krajewski, Thomas, et al
2007Quantitative spectrochemical analysis of Na3AIF6, ZrSiO4 and InSb with the analytical electron microscope (TEM & SEM)Krajewski, Thomas
1998Synthese und Eigenschaften von Oxycarbidglasfolien über das Sol-Gel-VerfahrenSuyal, Navin; Mennig, Martin; Krajewski, Thomas, et al
1998Synthesis and characterization of PbS nanoparticles in ethanolic solution stabilized by hydroxypropyl celluloseLu, Songwei; Sohling, Ulrich; Krajewski, Thomas, et al
2001Transparent conducting, anti-static and anti-static-anti-glare coatings on plastic substratesAl-Dahoudi, Naji; Bisht, Harish; Göbbert, Christian, et al