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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2018Adding phosphorylation events to the core oscillator driving the cell cycle of fission yeastHumaidan, Dania; Breinig, Frank; Helms, Volkhard
2009Bioinformatics analyses of genomic imprintingHutter, Barbara
2018Characterizing pockets on the surface of proteins by computational toolsAkbar, Rahmad
2017Computational analysis of membrane transporters and their substratesNguyen, Duy
2007Computational analysis of protein-protein interactionsAnsari, Sam
2014Computational approaches to investigate structural and functional properties of transmembrane proteinsLee, Po-Hsien
2009Computational design and analysis of binding pockets at protein-protein interaction interfacesEyrisch, Susanne
2013Computational systems biology methods for functional classification of membrane proteins and modeling of quorum sensing in Pseudomonas aeruginosaSchaadt, Nadine Sarah
2007Computer simulation of biomolecular solvation, recognition and proton transfer equilibriaGu, Wei
2018Copy Number Alterations in Tumor Genomes Deleting Antineoplastic Drug Targets Partially Compensated by Complementary AmplificationsTran, Ha Vu; Kiemer, Alexandra; Helms, Volkhard
2016Data mining techniques for improving and enriching cancer epigeneticsAkulenko, Ruslan
2007Development of computational methods for predicting structural characteristics of helical membrane proteinsPark, Yungki
2014Dynamics of epigenetic reader proteins and their interplay with expression in developmentShanak, Siba
2015Identifying biological associations from high-throughput datasetsBarghash, Ahmad
2015Integrated Analysis and Application Pipelines for Complex Disease DataChristian Spaniol
2018Integrative analysis of genomic dataTran, Vu Ha
2015Integrative computational approaches for studying stem cell differentiation and complex diseasesHamed, Mohamed
2012Mechanisms of protein-protein association : atomistic molecular dynamics study of the association processAhmad, Mazen
2015Molecular modeling of biomolecular associations and quantifying allosteric effectsUlucan Acan, Özlem
2010Molecular modeling of the transmembrane domain of envelope glycoproteins from flaviviridae virusesJusoh, Siti Azma