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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2017Discourse and organisationFrobenius, Maximiliane; Gerhardt, Cornelia
2014Editorial : participation framework revisited : (new) media and their audiences/usersGerhardt, Cornelia; Eisenlauer, Volker; Frobenius, Maximiliane
2007Editorial Saarland Working Papers in Linguistics (SWPL)Gerhardt, Cornelia
2009Intertextual and multimodal humor in the media reception situation : the case of watching football on TVGerhardt, Cornelia
2013Language and food : food and languageGerhardt, Cornelia
2012Notability : the construction of current events in talk-in-interactionGerhardt, Cornelia
2012Overview of the volume "The appropriation of media in everyday life"Gerhardt, Cornelia
2009Ratifying and rejecting listener assessments in the course of multi-unit turnsNorrick, Neal R.
2016Review : Word of mouth : what we talk about when we talk about food, by Priscilla Parkhurst FergusonGerhardt, Cornelia
2016Summary of "Culinary linguistics : the chef’s special"Gerhardt, Cornelia; Frobenius, Maximiliane
2010Summary of "Talk by television viewers watching live football matches : coherence through interactionality, intertextuality, and multimodality"Gerhardt, Cornelia
2013Summary of "The appropriation of media in everyday life"Gerhardt, Cornelia
2008Turn-by-turn and move-by-move : a multimodal analysis of live TV football commentaryGerhardt, Cornelia
2008“Upff, yellow card, surely” : applying the rules of the game in talkGerhardt, Cornelia
2007Watching television : the dilemma of gazeGerhardt, Cornelia
2009"You could leave the bacon and eggs for just a couple of hours" : references to food in British football commentaryGerhardt, Cornelia