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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2001The contract-net with confirmation protocol : an improved mechanism for task assignmentSchillo, Michael; Fischer, Klaus; Knabe, Tore
1995Cooperative transportation scheduling : an application domain for DAIFischer, Klaus; Müller, Jörg P.; Pischel, Markus
1993A DAI approach to modeling the transportation domainFischer, Klaus; Kuhn, Norbert
1998Decision theory and coordination in multiagent systemsFischer, Klaus; Ruß, Christian; Vierke, Gero
1997Distributed cognitive systems : proceedings of the VKS'97 WorkshopJung, Christoph G.; Fischer, Klaus; Schacht, Susanne
2001The eager bidder problem : a fundamental problem of DAI and selected solutionsSchillo, Michael; Fischer, Klaus; Kray, Christian
1998Methodological comparison of agent modelsJung, Christoph G.; Fischer, Klaus
1996Multi-agent planning using an abductive : event calculusJung, Christoph G.; Fischer, Klaus; Burt, Alastair
1996Ein Multiagentenansatz zum Lösen von Fleet-Scheduling-ProblemenSchier, Darius; Fischer, Klaus
2007A platform-independent model for agentsHahn, Christian; Madrigal-Mora, Cristián; Fischer, Klaus
2002Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Security in Mobile Multiagent SystemsFischer, Klaus; Hutter, Dieter
1997TeleTruck : a holonic fleet management systemBürckert, Hans-Jürgen; Fischer, Klaus; Vierke, Gero
2001Theory and practice of hybrid agentsJung, Christoph G.; Fischer, Klaus
1998Transportation scheduling and simulation in a railroad scenario : a multi-agent approachLind, Jürgen; Fischer, Klaus
1994Unifying control in a layered agent architectureFischer, Klaus; Müller, Jörg P.; Pischel, Markus
1996Working notes of the KI '96 Workshop on Agent Oriented Programming and Distributed Systems-