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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2018Consolidation of amorphous powder by thermoplastic forming and subsequent mechanical testingBochtler, Benedikt; Stolpe, Moritz; Reiplinger, Benedikt, et al
2017Entwicklung eines elektrostatischen Levitators für den Einsatz in MikrogravitationNeumann, Christian
2015High temperature rheology of Zr-based bulk metallic glass forming liquidsHembree, William
2019High-temperature rotating cylinder rheometer for studying metallic glass forming liquidsHembree, William; Bochtler, Benedikt; Busch, Ralf
2017Indications for a fragile-to-strong transition in the high- and low-temperature viscosity of the Fe43Cr16Mo16C15B10 bulk metallic glass-forming alloyBochtler, Benedikt; Gross, Oliver; Busch, Ralf
2014Kinetic, thermodynamic, and structural transitions in order-disorder alloys and bulk metallic glass-forming alloysWei, Shuai
2012Massivglasbildende metallische Legierungen als Konstruktionswerkstoff : Materialoptimierung und Technologieentwicklung zur Herstellung und VerarbeitungHeinrich, Jochen
2015On the processing and the tarnishing mechanism of gold-based bulk metallic glassesEisenbart, Miriam
2012On the thermodynamic and kinetic properties of bulk glass forming metallic systemsEvenson, Zachary J.
2018On the thermophysical and structural properties of the Au49Cu26.9Si16.3Ag5.5Pd2.3 bulk metallic glass-forming alloy and their connection to the liquid-liquid transition in the deeply supercooled liquidHechler, Simon
2018Precious metal based bulk glass-forming liquids : development, thermodynamics, kinetics and structureGross, Oliver
2013Processing, crystallization and oxidation of the Ni-Nb(-Sn) refractory alloy glass systemStanojevic, Sanja
2016Thermophysical and structural properties of the equilibrium and undercooled melt of bulk metallic glasses investigated by electrostatic levitationJonas, Isabell