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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2020Carbide-Derived Niobium Pentoxide with Enhanced Charge Storage Capacity for Use as a Lithium-Ion Battery ElectrodeBudak, Öznil; Geißler, Miriam; Becker, Dennis, et al
2020Choosing the right carbon additive is of vital importance for high-performance Sb-based Na-ion batteriesPfeifer, Kristina; Arnold, Stefanie; Budak, Öznil, et al
2020Comparison of organic electrolytes at various temperatures for 2.8 V–Li-ion hybrid supercapacitorsShim, Hwirim; Budak, Öznil; Haug, Veronika, et al
2020Electrospun vanadium sulfide / carbon hybrid fibers obtained via one-step thermal sulfidation for use as lithium-ion battery electrodesHusmann, Samantha; Budak, Öznil; Quade, Antje, et al
2020High-performance ion removal via zinc–air desalinationSrimuk, Pattarachai; Wang, Lei; Budak, Öznil, et al
2018In Situ Tracking of Partial Sodium Desolvation of Materials with Capacitive, Pseudocapacitive, and Battery-like Charge/Discharge Behavior in Aqueous ElectrolytesSrimuk, Pattarachai; Lee, Juhan; Budak, Öznil, et al
2020MXene/Activated-Carbon Hybrid Capacitive Deionization for Permselective Ion Removal at Low and High SalinityTorkamanzadeh, Mohammad; Wang, Lei; Zhang, Yuan, et al
2019Understanding Interlayer Deprotonation of Hydrogen Titanium Oxide for High-Power Electrochemical Energy StorageFleischmann, Simon; Pfeifer, Kristina; Widmaier, Mathias, et al
2018Vanadium (III) Oxide/Carbon Core/Shell Hybrids as an Anode for Lithium-Ion BatteriesBudak, Öznil; Srimuk, Pattarachai; Tolosa, Aura, et al