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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2017Coherence and entanglement preservation of frequency-converted heralded single photonsLenhard, Andreas; Brito, José; Bock, Matthias, et al
2014Coupling of a single nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond to a fiber-based microcavityAlbrecht, Roland Christoph
2014Deterministic coupling of single color centers to monolithic photonic crystal cavities in single crystal diamondRiedrich-Möller, Janine Simone
2014Electronic structure of the silicon vacancy color center in diamondHepp, Christian
2018High-fidelity entanglement between a trapped ion and a telecom photon via quantum frequency conversionBock, Matthias; Kucera, Stephan; Kreis, Matthias, et al
2017Interactions between a colour centre, optical and mechanical resonator modes in a diamond structureKreiner, Laura
2019Kopplung von Stickstoff-Fehlstellenzentren an photonische Kristallresonatoren in DiamantJung, Thomas
2011Ni/Si-basierte Farbzentren in Diamant als EinzelphotonenquellenSteinmetz, David
2019Nichtklassische Lichtemission aus Punktdefekten in Multilagen und Monolagen hexagonalen BornitridsBommer, Alexander Erwin Richard
2013Quantum frequency down-conversion of single photons in nonlinear optical waveguidesZaske, Sebastian
2015Quantum photonic interfaces between atomic and telecommunication wavelengthsLenhard, Andreas
2012Silicon vacancy color centers in chemical vapor deposition diamond : new insights into promising solid state single photon sourcesNeu, Elke Katja
2017Silicon vacancy colour centres in diamond: coherence properties & quantum controlBecker, Jonas Nils
2018Towards integrated single-photon sources exploiting inhomogeneous spectral properties of the silicon-vacancy center in nanodiamondsLindner, Sarah Christina Barbara