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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2014Abstracting cryptographic protocolsMohammadi, Esfandiar
2017Accountable infrastructure and its impact on internet security and privacySimeonovski, Milivoj
2014Android security framework : enabling generic and extensible access control on AndroidBackes, Michael; Bugiel, Sven; Gerling, Sebastian, et al
2012AppGuard - real-time policy enforcement for third-party applicationsBackes, Michael; Gerling, Sebastian; Hammer, Christian, et al
2013AppGuard — fine-grained policy enforcement for untrusted android applicationsBackes, Michael; Gerling, Sebastian; Hammer, Christian, et al
2017Automated Security Analysis of Web Application TechnologiesSkoruppa, Malte Horst Arthur
2002Cryptographically sound analysis of security protocolsBackes, Michael
2014Declarative design and enforcement for secure cloud applicationsReischuk, Raphael M.
2015Establishing mandatory access control on Android OSBugiel, Sven
2013Formal verification of cryptographic security proofsBerg, Matthias
2018Formally Reasoning about the Cost and Efficacy of Securing the Email InfrastructureSpeicher, Patrick; Steinmetz, Marcel; Künnemann, Robert, et al
2016Mitigating the imposition of malicious behaviour on codeNürnberger, Stefan
2019Novel approaches to anonymity and privacy in decentralized, open settingsManoharan, Praveen
2009Novel classes of side channels and covert channelsDürmuth, Markus
2014Plugging in trust and privacy : three systems to improve widely used ecosystemsGerling, Sebastian Rainer
2017Quantifying and mitigating privacy risks in biomedical dataBerrang, Pascal
2016Quantitative anonymity guarantees for TorMeiser, Sebastian Wilhelm Ludwig
2012Rational cryptography: novel constructions, automated verification and unified definitionsCiobotaru, Oana-Mădălina
2018Simulating the Large-Scale Erosion of Genomic Privacy Over TimeBackes, Michael; Berrang, Pascal; Humbert, Mathias, et al
2018Stackelberg Planning: Towards Effective Leader-Follower State Space SearchSpeicher, Patrick; Steinmetz, Marcel; Backes, Michael, et al