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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2017Carbide-derived carbon beads with tunable nanopores from continuously produced polysilsesquioxanes for supercapacitor electrodesKrüner, Benjamin; Odenwald, Christina; Tolosa, Aura, et al
2018Charge and Potential Balancing for Optimized Capacitive Deionization Using Lignin-Derived, Low-Cost Activated Carbon ElectrodesZornitta, Rafael Linzmeyer; Srimuk, Pattarachai; Lee, Juhan, et al
1995Colloidal processing and sintering of nano-scale TiNNass, Rüdiger; Albayrak, Sener; Aslan, Mesut, et al
1996Colloidal processing of temperature shock resistant SiC with tailored porosityAslan, Mesut; Nass, Rüdiger; Schmidt, Helmut K.
2017Concentration-Gradient Multichannel Flow-Stream Membrane Capacitive Deionization Cell for High Desalination Capacity of Carbon ElectrodesKim, Choonsoo; Lee, Juhan; Srimuk, Pattarachai, et al
2018Confined Redox Reactions of Iodide in Carbon Nanopores for Fast and Energy-Efficient Desalination of Brackish Water and SeawaterLee, Juhan; Srimuk, Pattarachai; Carpier, Sidonie, et al
2017Enhanced performance stability of carbon/titania hybrid electrodes during capacitive deionization of oxygen saturated saline waterSrimuk, Pattarachai; Zeiger, Marco; Jäckel, Nicolas, et al
2017Faradaic deionization of brackish and sea water via pseudocapacitive cation and anion intercalation into few-layered molybdenum disulfideSrimuk, Pattarachai; Lee, Juhan; Fleischmann, Simon, et al
1997Herstellung grossvolumiger SiC-Bauteile über kolloidale FormgebungsverfahrenAslan, Mesut; Matje, Peter; Spehr, Jürgen, et al
1999Herstellung von nanoskaligen TiN Pulvern und deren kolloidale Verarbeitung zu Al2O3/TiN-NanokompositkeramikenNonninger, Ralph; Aslan, Mesut; Schmidt, Helmut K., et al
2019High Electrochemical Seawater Desalination Performance Enabled by an Iodide Redox Electrolyte Paired with a Sodium Superionic ConductorLee, Juhan; Srimuk, Pattarachai; Zornitta, Rafael L., et al
2017Hydrogen-treated, sub-micrometer carbon beads for fast capacitive deionization with high performance stabilityKrüner, Benjamin; Srimuk, Pattarachai; Fleischmann, Simon, et al
2017Influence of pore structure and cell voltage of activated carbon cloth as a versatile electrode material for capacitive deionizationKim, Choonsoo; Srimuk, Pattarachai; Lee, Juhan, et al
1998Microstructural characterization of Al2O3-SiC nanocompositesSchmid, Herbert K.; Aslan, Mesut; Assmann, Steffen, et al
1988Microstructural development and densification during hipping of ceramics and metalsKaysser, Wolfgang A.; Aslan, Mesut; Arzt, Eduard, et al
1995Microstructural development and mechanical properties of pressureless sintered Al2O3/SiC compositesAslan, Mesut; Dörr, Christian; Nass, Rüdiger, et al
2010A new approach for a slurry based coating system for the prevention of high-temperature oxidationAslan, Mesut; Wittmar, Matthias; Bolz, Henning, et al
1995New processing techniques for the production of pressureless sintered SiC partsMatje, Peter; Nass, Rüdiger; Aslan, Mesut, et al
1988Observations on the microstructural development during hipingKaysser, Wolfgang A.; Aslan, Mesut; Arzt, Eduard, et al
2020Polymer ion-exchange membranes for capacitive deionization of aqueous media with low and high salt concentrationZhang, Yuan; Srimuk, Pattarachai; Aslan, Mesut, et al