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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
19901300-K compressive properties of a reaction milled NiAl-AlN compositeWhittenberger, J. Daniel; Arzt, Eduard; Luton, Michael J.
2011Adhesion measurements on patterned elastomeric surfacesKroner, Elmar K.
2017Adhesion of micropatterned adhesives to rough substrates and at elevated temperaturesBarreau, Viktoriia
1989Analysis and modelling of the creep-fatigue behaviour of oxide dispersion strengthened superalloysElzey, D. M.; Arzt, Eduard
2014Assembly of gold nanoparticles into regular clusters inside emulsion dropletsLacava, Johann
1981Charakterisierung der Korngröße von MetallenFischmeister, Hellmut F.; Arzt, Eduard
1986The compaction or rapidly solidified materialsFischmeister, Hellmut F.; Arzt, Eduard
1990Compressive properties of a reaction milled NiAl-AlN compositeWhittenberger, J. Daniel; Arzt, Eduard; Luton, Michael J.
1991Crack initiation and propagation during high-temperature fatigue of oxide dispersion-strengthened superalloysElzey, D. M.; Arzt, Eduard
1989Creep in dispersion strengthened aluminium alloys at high temperature : a model based approachRösler, Joachim; Arzt, Eduard
1991Creep of dispersion strengthened materials : a critical assessmentArzt, Eduard
2011Crystallization of nanoscaled colloidsBorn, Philip
1983Densification of powders by particle deformationFischmeister, Hellmut F.; Arzt, Eduard
1994Detailed study of electromigration induced damage in Al and AlCuSi interconnectsMöckl, U. E.; Bauer, M.; Kraft, Oliver, et al
1988Diffusion creep in a coarse grained ods superalloy under transverse loadingTimmins, Russell; Arzt, Eduard
1992Diffusive reaction during mechanical alloying of intermetallicsBhattacharya, A. K.; Arzt, Eduard
1993Dispersion strengthened intermetallics by mechanical alloying : creep results and dislocation mechanismsArzt, Eduard; Göhring, E.; Grahle, Peter
1993Dispersion strengthening of Al films by oxygen ion implantationBader, S.; Flinn, P. A.; Arzt, Eduard, et al
1984The effect of grain shape on stress rupture of the oxide dispersion strengthened superalloy inconel MA 6000Arzt, Eduard; Singer, Robert F.
1990The effect of heating rate on the recrystallization behavior of high gamma', ods superalloysJongenburger, C. P.; Lempenauer, Klaus; Arzt, Eduard