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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2017Beyond Red-Black Planning : Limited-Memory State VariablesSpeicher, Patrick; Steinmetz, Marcel; Gnad, Daniel, et al
2018Compiling Probabilistic Model Checking into Probabilistic PlanningKlauck, Michaela; Steinmetz, Marcel; Hoffmann, Jörg, et al
2017Critical-Path Dead-End Detection versus NoGoods : Offline Equivalence and Online LearningSteinmetz, Marcel; Hoffmann, Jörg
2018Formally Reasoning about the Cost and Efficacy of Securing the Email InfrastructureSpeicher, Patrick; Steinmetz, Marcel; Künnemann, Robert, et al
2018LP Heuristics over Conjunctions : Compilation, Convergence, Nogood LearningSteinmetz, Marcel; Hoffmann, Jörg
2018On Stubborn Sets and Planning with ResourcesWilhelm, Anna; Steinmetz, Marcel; Hoffmann, Jörg
2017Ranking Conjunctions for Partial Delete Relaxation Heuristics in PlanningFickert, Maximilian; Hoffmann, Jörg
2017Search and Learn : On Dead-End Detectors, the Traps they Set, and Trap LearningSteinmetz, Marcel; Hoffmann, Jörg
2018Simulated Penetration Testing as Contingent PlanningShmaryahu, Dorin; Shani, Guy; Hoffmann, Jörg, et al
2018Stackelberg Planning : Towards Effective Leader-Follower State Space SearchSpeicher, Patrick; Steinmetz, Marcel; Backes, Michael, et al
2018Star-topology decoupled state space searchGnad, Daniel; Hoffmann, Jörg
2018Star-Topology Decoupling in SPINGnad, Daniel; Dubbert, Patrick; Lluch, Alberto, et al
2017State space search nogood learning : Online refinement of critical-path dead-end detectors in planningSteinmetz, Marcel; Hoffmann, Jörg
2018Unchaining the Power of Partial Delete Relaxation, Part II : Finding Plans with Red-Black State Space SearchFickert, Maximilian; Gnad, Daniel; Hoffmann, Jörg