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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2018A translucent nanocomposite with liquid inclusions of a responsive nanoparticle dispersionDoblas, David; Hubertus, Jonas; Kister, Thomas, et al
2018An Ambient Temperature Electrolyte with Superior Lithium Ion Conductivity based on a Self-Assembled Block CopolymerDörr, Tobias S.; Pelz, Alexander; Zhang, Peng, et al
2019An improved method for the matrix dissolution extraction of nanoparticles from microalloyed steelHegetschweiler, Andreas; Staudt, Thorsten; Kraus, Tobias
2020An “interaction-mediating” strategy towards enhanced solubility and redox properties of organics for aqueous flow batteriesHuang, Zhifeng; Kay, Christopher W. M.; Kuttich, Björn, et al
2017Anisotropic nanoparticles as templates for the crystalline structure of an injection-molded isotactic polypropylene/TiO 2 nanocompositeZhang, Peng; Kraus, Tobias
2019Colloidal Solubility and Agglomeration of Apolar Nanoparticles in Different SolventsDoblas, David; Kister, Thomas; Cano-Bonilla, Marina, et al
2018Colloidal Stability of Apolar Nanoparticles: Role of Ligand LengthMonego, Debora; Kister, Thomas; Kirkwood, Nicholas, et al
2019Colloidal Stability of Apolar Nanoparticles: The Role of Particle Size and Ligand Shell StructureKister, Thomas; Monego, Debora; Mulvaney, Paul, et al
2019Determination of the Surface Facets of Gold Nanorods in Wet‐Coated Thin Films with Grazing‐Incidence Wide Angle X‐Ray ScatteringZhang, Peng; Rothkirch, André; Koch, Marcus, et al
2017Direct Nanoimprinting of a Colloidal Self‐Organizing Nanowire Ink for Flexible, Transparent ElectrodesMaurer, Johannes H. M.; González-García, Lola; Backes, Indra K., et al
2019Drying of electrically conductive hybrid polymer–gold nanorods studied with in situ microbeam GISAXSZhang, Peng; Reiser, Beate; González-García, Lola, et al
2020Electron microscopy of nanoparticle superlattice formation at a solid-liquid interface in nonpolar liquidsCepeda-Perez, Elisa; Doblas, David; Kraus, Tobias, et al
2019Entropy Can Bundle Nanowires in Good SolventsGao, Hongyu; Bettscheider, Simon; Kraus, Tobias, et al
2020Flexible Pseudocapacitive Electrochromics via Inkjet Printing of Additive‐Free Tungsten Oxide Nanocrystal InkZhang, Long; Chao, Dongliang; Yang, Peihua, et al
2019Gyroidal Niobium Sulfide/Carbon Hybrid Monoliths for Electrochemical Energy StorageFleischmann, Simon; Dörr, Tobias S.; Frank, Anna, et al
2020High‐Resolution Inkjet Printing of Quantum Dot Light‐Emitting Microdiode ArraysYang, Peihua; Zhang, Long; Kang, Dong Jin, et al
2017Increased fluorescence of PbS quantum dots in photonic crystals by excitation enhancementBarth, Carlo; Roder, Sebastian; Brodoceanu, Daniel, et al
2019Influence of Water on Tribolayer Growth When Lubricating Steel with a Fluorinated Phosphonium Dicyanamide Ionic LiquidUrtis, Luigi; Arcifa, Andrea; Zhang, Peng, et al
2018Inkjet Printing of Metallic Nanoparticle Inks on Ultra-thin Deformable SubstratesKhan, Arshad; Strahl, Robert; Steimle, Jürgen, et al
2020Kinetic Control over Self-Assembly of Semiconductor NanoplateletsMomper, Rebecca; Zhang, Heng; Chen, Shuai, et al