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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
20173D tomography of cells in micro-channelsQuint, Stephan; Christ, A. F.; Guckenberger, Achim, et al
2017A foam model highlights the differences of the macro- and microrheology of respiratory horse mucusGross, Andreas; Torge, Afra; Schaefer, Ulrich F., et al
2017A Model for the Transient Subdiffusive Behavior of Particles in MucusErnst, Matthias; John, Thomas; Guenther, Marco, et al
2018Antimargination of Microparticles and Platelets in the Vicinity of Branching VesselsBächer, Christian; Kihm, Alexander; Schrack, Lukas, et al
2017Assessment of the “cross-bridge”-induced interaction of red blood cells by optical trapping combined with microfluidicsLee, Kisung; Wagner, Christian; Priezzhev, Alexander V.
2018Classification of red blood cell shapes in flow using outlier tolerant machine learningKihm, Alexander; Kaestner, Lars; Wagner, Christian, et al
2018Determination of the rheological properties of Matrigel for optimum seeding conditions in microfluidic cell culturesKane, Khalid I. W.; Moreno, E. Lucumi; Lehr, Claudius Moritz, et al
2018Dextran adsorption onto red blood cells revisited: single cell quantification by laser tweezers combined with microfluidicsLee, Kisung; Shirshin, Evgeny; Rovnyagina, Nataliya, et al
2018Effect of spectrin network elasticity on the shapes of erythrocyte doubletsHoore, Masoud; Yaya, François; Podgorski, Thomas, et al
2018Flagellar number governs bacterial spreading and transport efficiencyNajafi, Javad; Shaebani, Mohammad Reza; John, Thomas, et al
2018Geometric scaling of elastic instabilities in the Taylor–Couette geometry: A theoretical, experimental and numerical studySchäfer, Christof; Morozov, Alexander; Wagner, Christian
2018How viscoelastic is human blood plasma?Varchanis, Stylianos; Dimakopoulos, Yannis; Wagner, Christian, et al
2017Hydrodynamic pairing of soft particles in a confined flowAouane, Othmane; Farutin, Alexander; Thiébaud, Marine, et al
2017In-phase and anti-phase flagellar synchronization by waveform compliance and basal couplingKlindt, Gary S.; Ruloff, Christian; Wagner, Christian, et al
2018Numerical-experimental observation of shape bistability of red blood cells flowing in a microchannelGuckenberger, Achim; Kihm, Alexander; John, Thomas, et al
2019Statistics of Colloidal Suspensions Stirred by MicroswimmersOrtlieb, Levke; Rafaï, Salima; Peyla, Philippe, et al
2017The buckling instability of aggregating red blood cellsFlormann, Daniel; Aouane, Othmane; Kaestner, Lars, et al
2019The Evolution of Erythrocytes Becoming Red in Respect to FluorescenceHertz, Laura; Ruppenthal, Sandra; Simionato, Greta, et al
2017The Molecular Structure of Human Red Blood Cell Membranes from Highly Oriented, Solid Supported Multi-Lamellar MembranesHimbert, Sebastian; Alsop, Richard J.; Rose, Markus, et al
2018Vesicle dynamics in confined steady and harmonically modulated Poiseuille flowsBoujja, Zakaria; Misbah, Chaouqi; Ez-Zahraouy, Hamid, et al